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[DISPO] Panini Portrait Pictures & Icons Megapack 14

Pour tout ce qui concerne les photos (facepack) FM 2013

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[DISPO] Panini Portrait Pictures & Icons Megapack 14

Message par DonMuchacho » mer. 03 juil. 2013 19:22


We recommend to use a download manager like JDownloader.
Visit the original topic on http://www.meistertrainerforum.de for more information. (English and German)
We will answer Questions there much faster.

Download PPP Megapack 14

- Update I will be published around 01/08/2013 -
If you have any further questions or want to talk with us, just write an E-Mail to: support {at} fmfaces {dot} net

Installationmanual & advices english
What does the Megapack contain?

The Panini Portrait Pictures & Icons Megapack 14 contains all the graphics which have been created until the 30th of June 2013. The Megapack also contains the pictures as icons.

What are the icons about?

The icons are resized, very small versions of the normal Panini pictures. There are used in the search screen for example. In this way you get a first impression what the player looks like without having to switch to the individual profile page.

What about the Update Packages?

Update packages are usually released at the beginning of the each month. They contain the pictures which have been edited or updated during the last month.

There are a lot of different links? What do I have to download?

Please read the following paragraph in total to avoid misunderstandings and errors. If there are postings being related to questions dealt with in this tutorial, we will just be forwarding you to read the instructions again.
In order to have the complete set of Panini pictures, you will have to download all the 8 parts of the Megapack. We have uploaded them to different hosters which should enable all free users to get them in an easy way. You may also use different hosters to download all the parts. However, it is important to have 8 files named "Panini Portraits & Icons Megapack 14.part1.rar" to "Panini Portraits & Icons Megapack 14.part8.rar" to start with.

The Update Package as well as the Icon Megapack only consist of one file, that means that there is no difference where to download those files from.

How to unzip the files?

Use a proper program to unzip the files. We recommend to use WinRar (http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm). Other programs are 7zip (http://www.7-zip.com) for Windows user and The Unarchiver for Mac user. You have to unzip the first part *.part1.rar only! The following parts of the Megapack are unzip automatically afterwards.

Where to put the unzipped folder?

The Panini Pictures folder needs to be put in to the user-folder of the Football Manager, which is typically located at *user-folder*/graphics/players.

What do i have to do now in order to see the pictures ingame?

Having just downloaded, unzipped and put the Megapack to the right folder for the first time, it is not difficult to complete the procedure from there on:
Step 1: Start the FM
Step 2: Wipe the cache
Step 3: Reload the skin
Check if the pictures should be displayed correctly, then move to step 4.
Step 4: Tick “Use skin cache” to improve loading times drastically.

If you have installed an Update pack, there is one additional step you need to follow, and that is to refresh the config.xml file. Just follow these steps:
Step 1: Refresh the config.xml file Videotutorial by Octavianus
Step 2: Start the FM
Step 3: Wipe the cache
Step 4: Reload the skin
Check if the pictures should be displayed correctly, then move to step 4.
Step 5: Tick “Use skin cache” to improve loading times drastically.

Why to use a Download Manager?

Even though being zipped, the Panini Megapack is very large. That is why we recommend a Download Manager to download the parts. The weapon of our choice is the JDownloader JDownloader. Using the JDownloader, you are able to download the Megapack using a container which contains all the links. JDownloader is also able to unzip the files automatically, repair broken files and to identify corrupt files. If you are using JDownloader to download the Megapack, you will find yourself presented with one zip-File which the program has already created of the 7-part zip file mentioned above. You will only have to unzip this file according to the tutorial.

There are error messages during the unzip process. What to do now?

Most of the problems can be identified following the next steps of diagnosis:
- Althoug, some of our hoster change the Filenames and set a minus(-) instead of a space( ). We have sadly no influence to this problems. We recommend to check all Filenames if they are correct. So if they have only spaces or minus in it. Also each File should end with .partX.rar. If some of the Filenames are incorrect just change them.

- The files have not been downloaded completely. Please check the size of the parts: Part 1 to 7 do have a size of exactly 950 MB each, Part 8 is 110,41 MB big. Try to download the parts again which do not match the target filesize.

The Panini Portrait Icon Megapack is the resized version of the Panini Portrait Picture Megapack


Download Icon-Megapack 14

- Update I will be published around 01/08/2013 -
Installation english
Extract the folder to your graphics-folder within your userfolder (User/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20xx/graphics/players)
Refresh the skin and all pics are ingame.

Any add-on for the Panini Portrait Pictures Megapack will be resized for this pack.

The Panini Portrait Picture Megapack on other fansites:
Meistertrainerforum.de (Original Topic. All new stuff here!)
FM Faces.net - The Host of PPP megapack

cmportugal.com (portugese) by CM.PT.85
fmsite.net (spanish) by Markitos
Football Manager Slovakia by Patres10
footmanager.net (french) by Don
fm-view.com (english) by Don
sortitoutsi.net (english) by Don
sigames.com (english) by Don (registration necessary)
fm-base.co.uk (english) by Don
fmscout.com (english) by Don
FM Greece (greek) by White
Footballmanager Forum (italian) by White
Cro-Manager.net (croatian) by White

Massive thx to all authors who made these phantastic pictures!! These are:
@Guismoso, Aachen4ever, Alidance, Anderkopuolos, andrebocao, armagedon55, Asket, AXA, Bärenmarke, BBB Croatia, bbds, beggar, Benno, Bernardo', Bill xanthi, Cairbre, calcioplayer, CanCann, Chuscentro92, Cimmi, core_zsul, CountVladimir, crocodile, Cubano, dan99, Daniel Ferreira, Daniel Lozano, Daur, Diogo, djalma8, dNs, Don-Muchacho, Enigmatic Heart, fmfan.ru, fgtv, FiNcH, fireblade, foxer114, garynsmon, Geromel_21, ggpofm, GodofSheep, guih12, Hambugerjung, harryhausen, IndioBAIANO, IvanRakitic, izzax, Jake13, James, jeanjunim, jira17, jojo_cat, Joílson, Júnior_SpAwN.d, Kaliumchlorid, karamel, lamser, Leo Miguel, lukas.87, maalivahti, Madman99, Mariscador, Markitos, Marwijk, Matheus Bruno, matze616, Meistermacher, MiNDmaZing, mineral, Mortiis, motoclub, Mysterio, nadeshiko, noor73, NUNOKOPIO, Octavianus, P-Jo, Pedriiin Fedayin, prilli_brilli, Prof. Barata, ralf95, redemptor, Reitmeier, remus, rettke, RuffRyder, Ruslanincha, Salvador, Sanogo24, savvie, scott123, sebrof77, SERGI, sheduardo, SM2212, smedhult, smithjjustin, Spanish, Stay Heavy, SteFF, stefg, Steifus, Stiff-Meister, svennos, TheBoyFromDownUnder, ThisIsAnfield, Tobi, tommotommo, tpakmopucm, Trickstyler, Tua, TuNdRaLoWeR, Urban Classic, Veyron, VirginDreams, Vitaloop, Waldi98, warchlaczyk, White, yveslaessig.

If I've missed anyone, please contact me!
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Re: [DISPO] Panini Portrait Pictures & Icons Megapack 14

Message par thomasom » mer. 03 juil. 2013 20:51

Nice, Thanks !

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Re: [DISPO] Panini Portrait Pictures & Icons Megapack 14

Message par DonMuchacho » mer. 17 juil. 2013 17:56

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Panini-users and especially Panini-creators.

I've taken control of the Panini Portrait Pictures Facepack 9 months ago. It was a hard time. We released 2 new megapacks, some big updates but had also a time in which nothing happend.

At 1st of July we released the new megapack. But it was, again, really difficult to offer the download free for everyone without waiting a week to download all the files. The megapack contains nearly 7 GB of data and we found no satisfying solution.

So what should we do? It was a big question and we had no clue. But born from a stupid idea we started a project two weeks ago. And now I am proud to present you the result. We now officially launch a new website, http://www.fmfaces.net, where we offer the Panini megapack.

What is FM Faces?
Well, we have an own server, stored the megapack on it, made a nice webpage, et voila. FM Faces was born.

Why are we doing this?
We want to offer fullspeed downloads to everyone and not just only to the few person which have an Premium Account for any of our hosters.

We have no clue how long the website is able to run. We have monthly costs and no income, so we offered a possibility to donate to us. But be sure, no one will have to donate if he doesn't want to, our full service is free. Also we won’t collect any money for our services in the future.

And finally: A very special thanks to:
White, for writing all the Articles
Favre, for helping build the website and spending a lot of hours
Kaliumchlorid, for doing such a great job with the graphics for the website.

So, visit http://www.fmfaces.net, the new way to download Paninis!


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