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graphics issues

Ressources graphiques pour FM18

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graphics issues

Message par yavukiden » ven. 29 juin 2018 7:30


It didnt take me long to hit another problem.I admit I am a hack when it comes to graphic design.Here is my new problem: I have a set of counters I make in Adobe Illustrator CS3. Each of the counters is precisely 5/8" square (I used Snap to Grid).When I import a counter into VASSAL, I take a screenshot (takes as a PNG), open in Photoshop CS3, crop out the counter and paste into a new file. The file is re-sized to 5/8" square (94 pixels at 150 pixels/inch). I save as PNG.Edit my module, add the counter as a basic piece, and ITS TOO FREAKING BIG ! its well more than 5/8" square, even though my image size and canvas size for the PNG file are 5/8".What the heck is going on here ?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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